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Top 3 B2B Data Providers in APAC by 2024


Welcome to my blog post Today, we discuss the Top 3 B2B Data Providers in APAC by 2024 and look at the most important aspects of growth marketing to drive our business. We offer the most accurate data in the region. These APAC business email database providers are more reliable than others. Therefore, today we focus on the providers who provide the data and the means of communication they offer.

Top 3 B2B Data Providers in APAC by 2024

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1. DM Valid

DM Valid is the most trustworthy website that provides authentic data with accurate and verified email addresses, telephone numbers, and zip codes of decision-makers, IT professionals, CEOs, CIOs, and related contact information from all over Asia.

We provide you with accurate and current information while ensuring that the industries’ flexibility and data quality reach the right people. With DM Valid’s help, you can enhance ROI for your business and generate more B2B prospects.

Benefits of the database from DM Valid:

  • DM Valid provides accurate data with 98% accuracy in the database.
  • 100% verified phone numbers, email addresses, and contact information of companies and businesses.
  • Using the DM Valid email database, you can boost your revenue and sales leads.
  • They have millions of contacts of professionals all over the APAC.

Why should you buy the email database of DM Valid?

  1. Buying an email list from DM Valid can be more valuable and reliable for you with the help of a mailing database.
  2. You can connect with people and build your brand awareness if you have access to the email addresses of the relevant people.
  3. Once you have an email database, you can quickly and easily send newsletters, updates, and promotions.
  4. We help companies manage data, like typing data and making sure it’s a correct and valid profile.
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2. Prospect Wallet

Prospect Wallet is also a trustworthy website. Your sales and marketing teams can obtain all the B2B data intelligence required to identify qualified prospects, fill the sales funnel, and close deals faster with Prospect Wallet. The B2B data-driven solution that Prospect Wallet can offer will help you expedite some parts of your marketing campaigns.

A business-to-business data intelligence company, Prospect Wallet specialises in constructing the finest possible data for hiring agencies, private equity firms, sales and marketing teams, and other organizations. Only we provide lead generating services and end-to-end marketing solutions in conjunction with a data-driven methodology.

Benefits of the Prospect Wallet database:

  • Identify and target your ideal customers with precision.
  • Prospect Wallet takes pride in providing comprehensive and excellent B2B data.
  • Reduce marketing waste by reaching only those interested in your products or services.
  • The database is regularly updated, so you always have the most recent data available.

Why should you buy the email database of Prospect Wallet?

  1. They can provide you with the data you need for lead creation, market research, or sales and marketing efforts.
  2. You can be sure that when you work with us, your data is handled with the utmost care and compliance.
  3. Avoid wasting resources on outdated leads or contacts.
  4. Improve the way you make decisions with data.
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3. Data Maelumat

Data Maelumat provides a multi-channel marketing database wherein you can reach your target in multiple ways by email, phone, direct mailing, and social media networks. In APAC and EMEA, Data Maelumat is a well-known, long-standing, and top-ranking data provider with a significant presence in North America and Latin America. 

With over 45 million hand-checked B2B client records and pro-change methods, we remain one step ahead of the competition, ensuring that each of our B2B data records is via email and phone.

What does the data maelumat do?

  • They provide access to the specialized database services required to clean, validate, correct, and enhance marketing contact lists for companies of all sizes and sorts.
  •  To help you with your marketing needs, we are the ideal data partners you have been looking for.
  • It can give you the information and insights you need to fill your pipeline with fresh, targeted leads.
  • Using cutting-edge technology, regularly updated data, and qualified data specialists.

What do we offer?

  1. They custom-built lists enable you to target customers based on their industry, their verified email addresses, and more.
  2. Data appending is the process of locating and gathering data, comparing and validating your data with existing data, and finally creating new databases.
  3. It can be a handy tool for B2B marketers that aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of their marketing campaign.


DM Valid, Prospect Wallet, and Data Maelumat will be the top 3 B2B data providers in APAC by 2024. DM Valid provides an extremely accurate, reasonably priced database that is 98% precise. Prospect Wallet is a reliable choice with a 97% accuracy rate, and Data Maelumat (96% accuracy) offers opportunities for multi-channel marketing. Every providers has different benefits to offer in the APAC region to generate leads and revenue.

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