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Data Protection directive legislation has been revised into the general data protection regulation


Australian Communications and Media Authority is an Australian government authority within the communications


The California Consumer Privacy Act Provides customers more control over the personal data that companies gathers.


he CAN-SPAM Act, a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages.


Canadian Anti-Spam Law in order to strengthen email marketing best practises and prevent spam and related online risks.


The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA): It complements legislative and regulatory frameworks that are industry specific

Configuring GDPR compliance at all checkpoints:

  • The 1995 [95/46/EC] Data Protection Directive legislation has been revised into the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR). To Give data subjects more detailed rights and security,
  • It was amended, The new GDPR was developed jointly on May 23, 2018, by the European Parliament, the European Union’s Council, and the European Commission.
  • To give greater attention to the protection of the subject’s database and rights both inside and outside the EU is the main objective of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • No matter where they are located, all EU and non-EU organizations who work together to manage the personal data of EU citizens are subject to this regulation.

The most essential requirements of GDPR are as follows:

  • Processing that is fair and transparent must be done in a lawful manner by businesses that handle personal data.
  • Citizens have the right to find out what information a company possesses on them and what it does with it.
  • Limitations on data storage: The Company is only permitted to collect the data necessary to comply with the law. As a result, the data should always be deleted once a legitimate purpose has been satisfied.
  • Personal data breach: Depending on the seriousness of the breach, the company may establish a breach record. The person must also be notified within three days of the breach.

DM Valid's Commitment to GDPR:

  • We are committed to abiding by GDPR’s rules and regulations in the B2B marketing sector. Contrary to previous regulations, 
  • GDPR specifically addresses data security and places an emphasis on protecting the subject’s personal information.
  • All protection clauses and B2B opportunities are covered under the heading of “GDPR Compliance.”
  • As a result, GDPR compliance guidelines must always be followed by data processors and controllers who operate with online data.
  • Every attempt is made by our legal team to always follow the rules.
  • The following steps have been taken by our team to confirm that the data we give complies with GDPR:
  • From reputable sources like market studies, meetings, seminars, websites, business listings, and so on, we gather prospect contact information.
  • Biometric data, national or gender information, political beliefs, health, and genetic information, and other types of personal information are not collected from or shared with EU individuals.
  • We verify and double-check every delivery using the phone and email verification.
  • Our database is continually updated, cleaned up, and certified, and all data is kept secure as necessary.
  • Our rules were developed with the intention of giving data privacy top priority.
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