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Data Security policy

Data Security policy should outline the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in data security. This includes the designation of data owners, data custodians, system administrators, and end-users, along with their respective obligations for data protection, access control, and incident reporting.

DM Valid has implemented policies & procedures to protect our data assets, which may contain your personal information. Only certified staff with valid business needs have access to data. We take reasonable steps to ensure that our business partners have adequate security mechanisms in place to ensure secure data transfer. We employ commercially proper security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure that are compatible with our company operations and industry standards. Technical, physical, and administrative security protections are among the measures that have been taken.


Everyone at DM Valid must take privacy and security training. DM Valid also has a third-party service provider due to diligence in the program in place to guarantee that our suppliers are using appropriate data collecting, processing, transmission, management, and security measures while performing services on our behalf. We cannot guarantee or promise the security of any information you submit to us, and you acknowledge and accept that you are providing this information and engaging in such transmissions at your own risk.


Once we receive your information, we will make every effort to keep it secure on our systems. DM Valid has rules and procedures in place for securely handling data and protecting data from unwanted access, and we evaluate our data privacy, information assurance, and data security standards on a regular basis. This is accomplished in the following ways:


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