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Refund policy

DM Valid's refund policy

“Our process for collecting and verifying lists is unlike any other list compiler. Because each of the lists we obtain is owned by a different person and is subjected to a three-step verification procedure that includes email, phone, and social media. As a result, each set has its own set of warranties. In addition, due to business breakdown, fresh data degrade by as much as 6% per month, with the rate of change increases over time. We use current data to revive the idea of “consistently updated data.


We believe in saving time and resources

It’s worth noting that our lead solution comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We guarantee that in every purchase, you will obtain the delivery rate promised in the contract, or a timely fix for any bad data discovered, as well as a refund for any database component of emails that bounces, is obsolete, undelivered, or disconnected*.

If bad data reaches 8% of your list after you’ve received it, you’ll get your money back in a quick, plus $0.30 more.

If you have any doubts regarding the use of our services, Contact us now!


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