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Top 10 Companies in 2024 using NetSuite in the USA

Companies in 2024 using NetSuite in the USA | DM Valid |


The term “cloud” was not commonly connected with technology in the late 1990s. It was undoubtedly not seen as the software of the future.

However, a small group of forward-thinking individuals recognized the benefits and Oracle user’s email list possibilities of software delivery via the Internet. Among them was Larry Ellison, one of the co-founders of Oracle, who persuaded businessman Evan Goldberg of the potential of web-based software. This led Goldberg to establish NetLedger, which eventually transformed into NetSuite in 1998.

What is NetSuite?

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NetSuite Users Email List is a cloud-based software provider that offers complete business management software, applications, and solutions to businesses of all sizes. Businesses can improve operational efficiency, expedite procedures, and foster departmental coordination with the help of NetSuite’s unified business solutions.

With Netsuite, a platform that more than 40,000 companies trust, expanding into new areas has proven to be efficient and rapid. It works best for all quickly expanding companies, regardless of size, function, sector, or software. Let us read about the companies using NetSuite in the USA.

List of Companies That Use NetSuite

10 Companies that use in NetSuite | DM valid |

1. Nortek

Nortek is a producer and supplier of building materials and HVAC equipment. One of the US-based businesses utilizing NetSuite for its different company operations is Nortek. More than 14,000 people work at Nortek.

2. Mitchell International Inc.

American software developer Mitchell International Inc. has its headquarters in San Diego. It is on the list of American businesses that use NetSuite. Mitchell International employs 5000–10,000 people, and it uses NetSuite for a variety of corporate needs.

3. Nine-energy Services

An American business called Nine Energy Services helps to develop unconventional gas and oil resources. In the USA, Nine is among the businesses that use NetSuite. 


BDO USA LLC is a renowned organisation that offers expert services in a variety of tax, accounting, and consulting capacities. On the list of US corporations using NetSuite, it is one of the most well-known companies. Around 11,000 people work at BDO OSA, an organisation that uses NetSuite for a variety of business operations.

5. DWA Media

DWA Media is an American marketing and media agency that serves IT companies. DWA Media is a NetSuite customer that operates its business using NetSuite One-worlder. There are about 250 workers at NetSuite.

6. Channel Advisor

A US-based startup called Channel Advisor offers cloud-based e-commerce solutions to companies. Among the US companies adopting NetSuite is Channel Advisor, which employs over 800 people.

7. Primary Arms

The American corporation Primary Arms specializes in guns, optics, and gun accessories. It is one of the US companies that uses NetSuite and employs about 180 people.

8. ZEV Technologies

Among the US companies utilizing NetSuite is Zev Technologies, a leading producer of performance parts for Pistol. The organization employs about 36 people and uses NetSuite.

9. American Express Global Business Travel

Among the US businesses employing NetSuite is American Express Global Business Travel, or Amex GBT, a global travel management organization. Amex GBT, which employs over 15,000 people, utilizes NetSuite due to its customer-centric solutions.

10. Adobe Systems

Among the well-known international software providers from the US is Adobe Users Email List Systems, which provides a range of creative software for professionals in the creative industry. With almost 29,000 workers, it is the largest organization on the list of NetSuite users.

NetSuite Customer Lists: How Important Are They for Other Companies

NetSuite Customer Lists | DM Valid |

Now that we know the value of a NetSuite client list, let’s discuss how important it is for other companies, particularly those that offer complementary or similar goods and have a similar target market as NetSuite customers.

1. Helps in Targeted Sales and Marketing

The list of US enterprises using NetSuite facilitates direct access to NetSuite customers for other businesses. Other companies that wish to target and promote a new product or solution that is comparable to NetSuite may find this information useful.

2. Aids in the Customer Profiling Journey

Understanding and creating the ideal customer profiles and buyer personas is one of the key components of producing a product or service. Businesses may find gaps in the market, analyse product features, and create comprehensive buyer profiles with the aid of the list of enterprises utilising NetSuite.

3. Helps to Strengthen Product Quality, Identify Partnerships, and Expand Opportunities

The process of developing new products is ongoing and subject to shift in response to market demands and emerging trends. The email list of NetSuite clients enables us to study trends, user behaviours, and purchasing habits within the NetSuite customer base, which aids in the development of better products.

4. A Reliable Source of Potential Leads

The email list of NetSuite customers is a dependable resource for possible leads. Businesses can use the B2B database to gain direct access to their target market if the features and solutions of the product or service align with the needs of NetSuite users.


The list of US businesses that use NetSuite aids in your comprehension of the company’s clientele. If your company wants to connect with customers, use the verified, accurate, and up-to-date NetSuite Users Email List

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