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Our B2B database provides valuable data for market research and looking for sales leads B2B email lists from DM valid. Companies can analyze industry trends, customer preferences, competitor analysis, and market dynamics to gain insights and make informed business decisions

Grab up to key insights using our b2b Email list

As you can observe, the B2B email database is growing rapidly day to day in various fields of data such as technology, healthcare, industrial users, and others. Which is being more flexible with a variety of data and it may lead to the decay of data due to job and designation changes with other preferences also changes concerning the time of the individual employee as the Email Marketing repository degrades at a rate is up to 22.5% per year according to the research of the 6sense.

To overcome this sort of issue, the DM Valids B2B Database specializes in verifying the data and their quality which is regularly checked and verified. We do it manually and through an automated process of the email with lower bounce rates and more deliverability rates.

Avail benefits of using our b2b mailing list

Save your time and efforts for the sales and marketing team, to work efficiently for potential customers. Instead of spending hours researching the new things in the market from which companies trying to find the right person via the b2b contact database.

Finding out your right customers in the b2b mailing database can help sales and marketing outreach to improve sales and provide up-to-date b2b contact information which helps you to avoid sending emails with outdated or incorrect contacts leading to a waste of time.

Increase revenue and sales by using a b2b contact database with structured messages to the client or prospects on targeted regions and industries-specific businesses increasing the chances of success. 

Enhance your customer networking and engagement with b2b emails to increase key details about a business team can better understand the needs and drawback points of their customers via long-term businesses to pitch better products or services.

We keep the best standards of privacy and security:

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B2B Contacts lists in our database

31.3M+ Verified Data 97%
46.9M+ Verified Data 97%
Middle East
57.2M+ Verified Datai 97%
1.9M+ Verified Data 97%
North and Latin America
84.3M+ Verified Data 97%
4.3M+ Verified Data 97%

What is b2b data and How reliable our B2B Database

Well, it’s any information or data about a company. That could be demographic data such as the scale of the company, number of working employees, current technologies, and what trending software to look for to contact the main key decision makers in the company in which they need to contact.

So, using these various types of B2B data helps qualify the leads, increase your sales, and drive the growth of your business. In order to know firmographic data you might actually not know the company that you’re properly interacting with.

regarding the technographic analysis, it will be easy to help you actively fill the gaps by using your products in that particular technology and you will relevant leads according to your niche of your industry.

  • Less Bounce Rates
  • High Email Delivery rate
  • Data  Replacement with redundant or error data.
  • Custom-built List as per your need.
  • Multiple times verified.
As a B2B data collector is which very important for analysis of the business and plot plans on it, which is the baseline  for any industrial sectors for monitoring SWOT Analysis. DM Valid gives you unique value proposition for your company, as result of that we improvise your data to add you progressive value.
How we  do that? we analyse the data thoroughly audit your data and find out drawbacks on the list. We fill out every missing details on the list either it may be phone number, depatments as classification of the data—Demographic, Typographic, Firmographic, Sociographic.
Our Data specialist research on various platforms and systems in the management, by using the business intelligence you can increase your strength of the research and analysis of the business to increase your right on investment.

Key Components Where Our B2B Contact Database Is Best For Lead Generation:

  •  Our B2b Database is the best option, For networking with top leading companies, Small and medium enterprises, and other varieties of businesses across the globe.
  • You can fetch all the details you require to contact your potential target audience on our b2b database.
  •  A renowned supplier of email databases and marketing lists, DM Valid offers a premium b2b database to the international market. 
  • There are more than Millions of SMEs in the international b2b database, giving more contributions to enhancing (GDP) Gross Domestic Product.
  • Using our skills in list creation and data appending, we provide the best and most precise B2b Database to satisfy and cope with customer needs. 
  • You can prospect varieties of business authorities with our database to match up the clusters of potential clients.
  • Our B2b Database includes such as name, email address, phone number 
  •  We will manually verify, update, and cleanse on ensuring authentic deliverability rates for your campaigns.
  • we give APAC, EMEA, Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America utilize the best b2b database.

Categories of B2B Database We Provide:

Information Available With B2B Database

Through Whom Our B2B Database Can Help You Reach:

Reach Out Through Out Targeted List Based On the B2B Contact Database:

F.A.Q on B2B Database

How might your B2B Database help me broaden the scope of my marketing?

Our B2B Database will help you reach your target audience through multi-marketing channels like the phone, email, direct mail, and the like. The contacts in the Database are segmented based on industry, location, job titles, and other filters. You can get access to the Database according to your specific marketing campaigns.

What information about contact information is contained in b2b records?

The b2b Contact Database consists of the complete demographic details and contact details of the target. This includes vital details like the contact's Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Phone Number, Postal Address, Industry, Employee Size, and others.

How long does it take to produce a custom marketing b2b Database?

It will take a maximum of 6 - 7 working days to provide the quality marketing database.

Do your records comply with b2b's Data Protection Laws?

Yes, we comply with PDPA and provide all opt-in contacts.

Do you assess fees for the entire Data Upgrade project, including failed upgrades?

No, it's a free and dedicated service provided to our clients so that to fulfill our promises

What formats will the Database or the Upgraded Database be delivered in?

It will be delivered in an Excel/CSV form or any convenient format you prefer.

Is your customer service a fee-based service?

Yes, we will assign a dedicated Account Manager for your after-sales support.